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It is possible to watch more than three thousand five hundred channels using your pc. You will need internet connection to be able to watch online tv. This is possible with the aid of SatelliteDirect. SatelliteDirect is a revolutionary software which can be used for watching tv online. This software technology has special device that can tap into over 3,500 tv stations globally through the internet. It is a good way to enjoy more stations than your regular satellite and cable tv joined together for a onetime fee lower than one month of your monthly cable charge.

You do not require a receiver, satellite dish or any other device to utilize this software. The only equipment you require is a computer and an internet connect. You just need to download the software and you will be chanced to access more than 3,500 channels globally. You can access its channels through your desktop or laptop at any part of the globe. Nevertheless, if you connect your computer straight to your tv set (if you are a member of satellitedirect) you will be shown the ways to watch online tv straight on your tv.

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Satellitedirect has varieties of tv stations.

Sport channels: you will find channesl which show programs like basketball, racing etc. among the channels that show the named programs are namely baseball network, espn news, eurosports tv, game sports tv.

Movies channels: you will be able to find channels that show action, suspense, animated, sci-fi, horror, comedy, classics, documentaries, new releases etc.

News channels: you will find channels that show news like ABC News, CNN, BBC News, CNN IBN, NBC News, Eyewitness news, Pentagon channel, C-Span 1, Sky News Australia and the rest of other news channels.

Tv shows channels: there are channels which you can use to watch your favorite tv shows like Soaps, Comedies, Reality, Talk, Crime, Medical, Cartoons, Kids, Late Night and much more.

Music channels: there are channels that show various types of music like 80’s Hits, 90′s Hits, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, Rock, Top 40, Techno and much more.

Business channels: you will find channels that will give you the latest business news, financial news, business shows, world business news, and stock market updates.

Entertainment channels: you will be able to watch programs like Comedy Shows, Late Night TV, Documentaries and Game Show

Why You Should Use SatelliteDirect

It is the best online tv software. Online tv software has been available since early 2000 but most of them lack excellent picture quality. But since the invention of SatelliteDirect, one can easily watch excellent picture quality using satellitedirect. The tv channels you will find on satellitedirect are of high picture quality. Satellitedirect makes use of the latest technology for streaming so you can get high quality pictures on your tv.